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  • Our Rental Policies

    Minimal qualifications = credit score 650+, rent must be less than 30% of combined gross income, no felonies, no evictions, no collections, pets negotiable unless previously specified. Anyone over the age of 18 planning to reside in the home must complete an application. All properties are non-smoking units. (Due to demand for rentals and individual homeowner requirements, these minimal qualifications may change or other applications may be accepted with stronger qualifications). Applications are not always accepted on a first come, first served basis. Where pets are accepted, copies of current Coconino County Dog license, up to date vaccination record, if ESA copy of prescribing letter from and in state prescriber are required. Maximum of 2 pets (owner reserves right to limit number of pets). Breed restrictions apply: Pit bulls, Dobermans, Dalmatians, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Chows and Akita(purebred or mixed) are not allowed on the property (permanently or as a guest). Per ARS Owner has authority to limit the number of Occupants regardless of age.

    We require that you see the inside of the property before applying to make sure it fits your rental needs. We do not rent sight unseen. We do allow for you to have a representative see the home on your behalf.

    All availability dates, rents, & information are subject to change. Application process requires the below forms to be filled out prior to being considered for approval (proof of income and photo ID required).

    Our Rental Policies
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